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The focus of BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTS is to produce good planning and creative designs that will fit the need of the client.


Van der Westhuizen Botha Architects CC, trading as “Beautiful Buildings Professional Architects”, is owned by Mrs Marieke Botha, who runs the business and is practicing architecture full time. She and her team is focused on creating good livable spaces and creative designs.


The firm is certified as a BEE company with level four contributor status and an overall score of 65. It has a 100% BEE procurement recognition level and is a value-adding supplier.


Marieke Botha, who celebrated 20 years of experience at the end of 2013, is currently the sole owner of this architectural firm. The firm was founded by Chris van der Westhuizen in 1979. After Marieke Botha joined the firm as partner in 1996, the name was changed to Van der Westhuizen Botha Architects, and the two architects ran the business together for 12 years. At the end of 2006, Van der Westhuizen retired and Botha took over the firm. She currently trades the business under the name Beautiful Buildings Professional Architects.